Paul has been loving taking pictures for over 50 years.

Along the way, he has:

Published photos in the Seattle Times, the Seattle PI, Seattle's Child and the Washington Trails Assn. Magazine
Held (minor) exhibitions of his work
Photographed weddings and other celebrations
Been the resident photographer for Seattle Public Theater
Been the unofficial Official Photographer at Dance and Music Camps
Been a photographer for the Bellevue Botanical Gardens
Auctioned his services for many organizations
Photographed for the CD's and publicity of many music groups
Photographed for the catalog of local artists.
Photographed a wide range of portraits
Photographed a wide range of outdoor landscapes
Photographed a study of the Buskers (musicians) at Pike Place Market
Call now to create a Web page, prints, Greeting Cards and Calendars for the holidays and beyond, filled with portraits and scenes of you, your family and friends and pets
All the photos within the website, and those on Facebook, are for sale. Let me know which ones interest you and we can negotiate size, frame, mat, price.